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M-1® Roll-in System

Ambulance Cots

The M-1 roll-in system provides true one-person operation and unrivaled ease of use. This cot defines best-in-class versatility. The removable litter and patented Steer Lock System™ provide excellent maneuverability. Ergonomic lift-and-grip design with color-coded controls provides unprecedented usability.

M1 Roll In product

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Position 1 37 cm
Position 2 62 cm
Position 3 76 cm
Position 4 89 cm
Position 5 97 cm
Position 6 100 cm
Position 7 33 cm
Litter, Flat Foot 18 cm
Litter, Knee Gatch 18 cm

Diameter 15 cm
Width 5 cm

Maximum Weight Capacity
227 kg

Litter Handle Extension
20 cm

Base 197 cm
Litter, Flat Foot 190 cm
Litter, Knee Gatch 190 cm

56 cm

Minimum Operators Required
Occupied Cot 2
Unoccupied Cot 1

Flat Foot Backrest 0-73 degrees

Flat Foot Shock Position N/A
Flat Foot Knee Gatch N/A
Knee Gatch Backrest 0-75 degrees
Knee Gatch Shock Position +17 degrees
Knee Gatch Knee Gatch 30 degrees 

Recommended Fastener System
Floor Mount 6373 (center mount, DIN guide) or 6376 (center mount, straight guide without belts)

One year parts, labor and travel or two years parts.


AS/NZS 4535

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