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Hero Perf Pro

Performance-PRO™ XT

Ambulance Cots

The Performance-PRO XT sets the standard in weight, safety, efficiency, and durability that the rest of the industry is destined to follow. Innovation-driven engineering at Stryker resets the standard for manual cot design and operation with the Performance-PRO XT. The all-aluminum construction makes it the industry’s lightest, yet most rugged, 318 kg X-frame cot. Proven performance and increased stability put the Performance-PRO XT in a class of its own. Textured head- and foot-end lift and grip design and duplicate foot-end controls provide ergonomics that accommodate different-sized operators. An industry-exclusive, three-position adjustable load height adjusts to different ambulance heights for proper body mechanics when loading and unloading.


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Position 1 35 cm
Position 2 56 cm
Position 3 66 cm
Position 4 71 cm
Position 5 81 cm
Position 6 88 cm
Position 7 95 cm
Position 8 102 cm
Position 9 107 cm

40 kg

Diameter 15 cm
Width 5 cm

Maximum Weight Capacity 
318 kg

Standard 203 cm
Minimum 163 cm

58 cm

Minimum Operators Required
Occupied Cot 2

Unoccupied Cot 1

Backrest 0-73 degrees

Shock Position +15 degrees

Knee Gatch 30 degrees

Recommended Fastener System
Power-LOAD Model 6390*
Floor Mount Models 6370 or 6377
Wall Mount Model 6371 

Recommended Loading Height
Up to 86 cm

* Power-LOAD Compatibility option currently not available, specifications subject to change. Pending 510(K) clearance, not available for sale.


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