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XPS (Expandable Patient Surface)

Cot Accessories

XPS provides an expanded patient surface area that can easily be retrofitted with compatible cots1. XPS is adjustable with 7 locking positions and includes a wider mattress that reduces transfer gap and is designed with patient comfort in mind. This solution helps address growing obesity trends and supports a variety of patients and environments.


1Power-PRO XT, Power-PRO TL, and Performance-PRO.

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  2. Specifications



25 cm


76 cm

XPS Mattress Width2
58 cm

7 Locking Positions

Between 10° -52°

XPS Compatible Cots3
Power-PRO XT (Model 6500/6506)
Power-PRO TL (Model 6550)
Performance-PRO XT (Model 6085/6086)

Surface Area Expansion
Locking Angle - Total Surface Area
10°                          58 cm
17°                          64 cm
24°                          69 cm
31°                          74 cm
38°                          76 cm
45°                          81 cm
52°                          84 cm

1 Additional weight compared to standard siderails not including mattress.

2 Width is measured at widest point (Standard bolster mattress is 19 in / 48 cm).

3 Certified to IEC 60601-1 for Power-PRO XT and Power-PRO TL; BS-EN 1789 for Power-PRO XT, Power‑PRO TL, and Performance-PRO XT.


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