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Power-PRO XT
Model Number: 6506

 Our powered ambulance cot assists in lifting and lowering the cot. 

  • Innovative battery-powered hydraulic system raises and lowers the cot at the touch of a button
  • Easy-to-use manual back-up system
  • Retractable head section enables navigation in tight spaces in any height position
  • Automatic high-speed retract feature
  • XPS siderails
  • Steer-Lock
  • SMRT Battery Kit

EMS Catalog
Model Number: 6392

Our most advanced manual cot fastener.*

  • Meets crash safety recommendations for BS EN-1789
  • Guides loading and unloading to improve operator efficiencies

*When used with Power-PRO XT  

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Rugged-X Restraints
Model Number:

Our Rugged-X Restraints are our first dynamically crash tested, coated webbing restraint.

    • Compliant with BS EN-1789 crash standard1
    • Fluid resistant coated webbing
    • Polyurethane coating protects underlying webbing from damage due to abrasion
    • Bright yellow coated webbing can help caregivers to see the restraints on the cot
    • Cleanable polyurethane coating can help to expedite the time to clean and dry restraints


1. Meets BS EN-1789 dynamic crash standard with Power-LOAD cot fastener system used with Power-PRO XT ambulance cot, Power-LOAD cot fastener system used with Performance-PRO XT ambulance cot, Performance-LOAD cot fastener system used with Power-PRO XT ambulance cot, Power-PRO TL ambulance cot with fastener.
Smart Battery Kit
SMRT Battery Kit
Model Number:

 Our Automatic Power Management technology for extended battery life. Package includes two SMRT Packs, one SMRT Charger and a power cord. 

  • Fast charging – approximately 2 hours
  • Zero memory  – make repeated partial charges with no impact on performance
  • Convenient recharging – in-ambulance and wall outlet charging options
  • Sealed durable construction for all-weather toughness
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Steer-Lock System
Model Number: 6500-700-060A

Steer-Lock helps maximize cot mobility control by locking the head-end casters into a straight position preventing cot drift and enhancing its turning precision.

  • Activation points at the head and foot end
  • Durable stainless steel cable, aluminum frame, and high-strength nylon activation points
  • Weight 2.5 lb (1.1 kg)
  • Compatible with the Power-PRO XT
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