Global service, delivered locally

Stryker is a global company, but we understand the importance of local service. We aim to make it faster and easier for you to receive quality service and reduce equipment downtime.

Across Europe, our field service technicians are equipped to perform your annual preventive maintenance inspection, as well as repair equipment at your facility. With a ProCare service plan, local equipment service means reduced repair turnaround time.

Service Plans 

ProCare Prevent

Designed to support your preventive maintenance initiatives and compliance reporting needs – we’ll partner with you to proactively inspect, adjust and calibrate your Stryker equipment each year, giving you the confidence that it performs as intended.

ProCare Protect

Your complete service solution: not only will we partner with you to support your preventive maintenance initiatives, but you’ll have comprehensive coverage to protect your investment.

When repair needs arise, you’ll receive priority service to help make life easier and more productive for your clinicians and staff. Manage your operating costs with an unlimited number of repairs, including parts, labour and associated travel. You’ll know the cost of owning your equipment for the life of the contract and save time and money by eliminating repair approvals.

ProCare Advantage

Trusted Partner

No one is more qualified to service and repair your equipment than we are. ProCare technicians are carefully selected and trained. They have the proprietary knowledge, tools and components to care for your equipment and keep it performing to our standards.

We take pride in knowing our products and the people who rely on them. We’ll partner with you to support your preventive maintenance initiatives and solve problems when they arise – with options ranging from annual maintenance inspections to unlimited repairs.

Reliably Responsive

The true value of ProCare isn’t just the way our people handle equipment service and repairs, it’s the time you’ll save and the hassles you can avoid. Every moment without working equipment is a loss to your staff and patients. 

When an issue comes up, we’ll resolve it as quickly as possible, and make sure you have what you need. We understand that time is of the essence, and will connect you to a person with the right knowledge, skills and experience to help.

Results that Matter

Our goal is to ensure your equipment performs as it should, when you need it. With annual preventive maintenance initiatives and priority repairs, we can help make every day easier and more productive for you and your clinicians.

A service plan can also reduce equipment downtime, which will help save you money. Additionally, the comprehensive service option allows you to predict and control the cost of owning your equipment for the life of the contract.



ProCare Services Brochure